Thursday, 28 June 2012

Art Easel For Kids Information And Help

So you're starting to realize that the wee one might just have a budding talent for drawing or painting, well that's after you see what's been scribbled on the walls of the newly decorated bedroom! It's time to get little junior or princess an art easel for kids.

Mommy mommy! You hear the cries! Dread fills your very boots as you know what’s coming next, they want to paint or draw. Well you certainly aren't going to let them loose on the fin coffee or dining table, you're never done polishing, this where an art easel for kids can save you a lot of headaches, but create a word of joy for the little ones.

having an art easel for kids is all about letting their creativity and imagination run wild. This gives them their own little area where they can either become the next Picasso or at least...ahem, keep them quiet for the next couple of hours. And let’s face it if there any good, you can always stand their beaming with pride when showing the neighbor’s or friends the masterpiece the young one has just created.

This not forgetting the priceless memories the drawings will afford you in the future, I mean I remember my mother showing me some of the drawings I done as a kid, and whilst I barely remember them, seeing the my mum go down memory lane with a gleeful feeling of nostalgia on her face, certainly makes me feel all that little bit happier.

Art easel choices

Choosing an art easel for kids though is no easy task, there are such an assortment to choose from and such a price range too. Fortunately, most are well made nowadays and all have to comply with safety laws designed for children, so we can rest easy at least with that in mind. But what choice I hear you say; well below we'll discuss the differing types of easel for our precious cherubs.

Art easel for kids come made in usually three types of material, these are wood, aluminum and plastic, obviously the choice is yours, but I prefer them in plastic, the reasons are numerous, but here is a few.

Wooden easel’s by their very nature are far heavier than plastic ones, this means that you will be the one who has to lug the thing from underneath the bed or out from the cupboard. Plastic ones are far lighter and this is a job you can leave to the little one, once you've shown them how to set it up.

Plastic ones are all far easier to clean, whilst it looks nice at first with small splashes of paint here and there from our little young Vincent, in no time at all these small splodges become big huge crud's of ugly paint, not so with a plastic one, one wipe afterwards and you're done. So for weight and ease of cleaning, plastic all the way. Regarding aluminum, they're normally so thin and will bend at a moments notice that I can't really say I'd advice you to buy one, unless you fancy buying another a week later, well at least that's been my experience.....and they're ugly.

The easels also come with a choice of either chalk or paper that can be used as the surface for them to draw on. this is an easy decision as far as I'm concerned. Whilst the chalk is easy to clean with a quick duster, you're never going to be able to keep the drawing for memories; you also can't paint on the chalk board. I originally had a chalk one for my little one years ago, and what a nightmare trying to convince my little one to clean it off to draw something new. The Mona Lisa it wasn't, but you try convincing the wee one of that.

Result was the easel sat unused with the last drawing she done, sat on the board for three months, I then had to come up with new activities for us to do together, that wasn't a problem of course, but it did rather make the whole point of getting the easel in the first place rather redundant. With that in mind its paper background all the way.
We now come to desktop easel or standing art easel for kids.

Well This is a choice that depends on what other playthings you have for the kids. if you have a kids craft table, then you can easily put the art easel on top of the table for easy use. However if you don't then a standing one is the obvious choice, as as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't fancy your chances of that nice coffee table you have coming out unscratched if you where to put a desktop easel on it.

So that's choices covered, and if you're in agreement with me, you'll have a plastic standing, paper background easel, if not then hopefully the information I have given above is enough to help you make a determined choice.

Art supplies for your art easel

One thing I'll also briefly cover here when choosing your art easel for kids is the supplies. When purchasing the easel, if you can try and get the supplies at the same time, either buying as a companion set or buying separately. Sometime there may be a special discount when buying both, and saving money is never a bad thing.

Make sure if you can as well too read reviews on the easel and supplies, other parents will have bought these items too, and usually if they're very happy with them will leave a review that normally contains pros and cons.

Well this about sums up this article on buying an art easel for kids, hopefully this has been of some value to you on your choice, and I wish you and your young budding artist all the very best for the future.

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